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Welcome to Ace Indus Training
Ace Indus Training is established with the motto of providing interactive learning of essential IT related business courses viz., SAP, Datawarehousing, QA, .Net, Java etc to anyone, at any time and at any place and provides an easy, convenient and effective solution. Ace IndusTraining is manned by real time IT Professionals. Each is an expert in his related field having implementation exposure to various business scenarios of the respective technologies. Therefore you can be sure that whatever you learn will be most relevant to your job and project.
Why Ace Indus is Hiring
24/7 unlimited access. The self paced delivery system and bookmark feature allows you to easily return to your place in the lesson. Hands on learning that encourages you to test what you've learned. The simulations, exercises and practice files ensure that you retain what you study and build confidence in your knowledge. Pre assessments that show you where you need to focus, and post assessments that prove you've learned the material.
Ace Indus is Hiring the following Professionals & Trainers
Java Technologies .NET Technologies ERP / CRM computing ( SAP, People soft, Siebel, Oracle ) Datawarehousing Business Analysts Database Administrators ( Oracle, SQL ) Oracle Applications QA Testers
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